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Join me in my efforts of transformation and support of Tufts MC!

That man in the black suit is me in February 2016. I was 296 pounds. I took my family to Disney World and had the unfortunate experience of being too big to fit on some of the rides. It was very embarrassing to have to walk off and miss out. At that point, I knew I needed to make some changes in my life. I booked another vacation, this time to Disneyland in September, with the goal of being able to fit on every ride. In March, I started walking and running seven days a week along with limiting my calories to 1,700 per day. At first, it was difficult to go a mile each day, but I was not willing to give up and pushed myself. After two months, I was running two miles. As my weight dropped and my fitness increased my speed, stamina, and distance also increased. By September, I had dropped 70 pounds, felt amazing and could easily run eight to 10 miles. My experience at Disneyland in September was 1000 percent better.

I decided to continue the journey of fitness by training for the Boston Marathon while supporting Tufts Medical Centerís mission to heal, comfort, teach, learn and to seek the knowledge to promote health and prevent diseases.

As of March, I have lost 103 pounds and am running 26 to 30 miles per week. By the time the marathon arrives in April, my goal is to be down to 185 pounds and be able to run 26.2 miles in a single day. You can following my training progress at

Please consider supporting my 2017 Boston Marathon run by making a donation. The funds I raise will directly support Tufts Medical Centerís missions and my efforts to continue this wonderful journey for better health.
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