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~Dreams do come true...Here I come BOSTON!~

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Please support Tufts on behalf of myself and "The Commander"

If you will be in Boston on April 18, I hope you watch the Boston Marathon and cheer for the Tufts Medical Center runners! Our team has been fundraising and training with so many special people in mind. On race day, we will carry thoughts of those people every step of the way. Thank you again for your support!
Thank you for supporting my next adventure - 26.2 in Boston! I am so proud to be running on behalf of Team Tufts Medical Center. When someone saves your family members life, you are forever grateful. I am forever grateful to Tufts for doing just that. As you may already know, my Dad became very ill and was cared for at Tufts for 7 months beginning on January 2, 2015. He battled for his life and NEVER GAVE UP. Also known as "The Commander", my Dad went from being a strong, independent, capable man to suddenly being knocked down (literally) by an extremely rare illness that we were told a hospital the size of Tufts Medical Center MIGHT see once every 25-30 years. How quickly life changes in front of your eyes. My father became unable to walk. He could not get out of bed or move his body on his own because his muscles were wasting away. For a brief time, he could not breathe on his own. I remember looking at my Dad thinking it wasn't even him anymore. But it was...and I knew that because my Dad NEVER GIVES UP. That's one of the many things he has taught me in life. NEVER EVER GIVE UP. He battled day in and day out for months on end and fought for his life. Thanks to the unmatched care that he received at Tufts Medical Center, I am so happy to say that he won! He worked and worked to regain his strength and independence. He is now walking on his own (no walker or cane!), driving again, and doing so much better! My family has truly witnessed a miracle this year. Running 26.2 miles is NOTHING compared to the battle that my father endured. By making a donation to Tufts Medical Center you are giving others new hope, helping to provide amazing care, making miracles happen, and giving the gift of life. THANK YOU for your support!

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