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************************************ If you’ll be in Boston April 21, I hope you’ll watch the Boston Marathon and cheer for the Tufts Medical center runners! Our team has been fundraising and training with so many special people in mind. On race day, we’ll carry thoughts of those people every step of the way. Thanks again for your support!

This year’s run of the Boston Marathon will undoubtedly be a special race for many. I crossed the finish line approximately two minutes before the explosions, and subsequently count my blessings each day. The events haunted me for quite some time, making me hesitant to run in the 2014 race. However, when the opportunity arose to run for Tufts Medical Center, I knew I needed to run.

Why Tufts? My father is my hero. As a dentist for the Tufts Dental School Program for Persons with Special Needs, I know no one as humble, funny, and generous as he. His job is far from easy, yet he does it with a passion and grace that I admire wholeheartedly. This year’s Boston Marathon is about heroes. From the spectators shouting out my name as I neared the finish line, to Tufts Medical Center who helped many victims, and to all other ordinary heroes like my father—I’m running this one for them.

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